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Body Armor

  • Max Body Armor Level III 10x12 Set

    Max Body Armor Level III 10x12 Set

    The Max-2020-1 Level III is a certified NIJ 0101.06 plate is made from special blend of steel to be lighter than traditional hard armor of the same threat level rating.  Designed to fit Small-Medium sized torsos, this plate is set up for righties or...

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  • AR500 Level IV

    AR500 Level IV (Model 1155) Set

        (Model #1155) is a cost effective, multi-hit rated, NIJ .06 Certified plate that offers excellent Level IV edge-to edge protection. Professionally wrapped, water resistant, and manufactured 100% in Centerville, Iowa. Level IV armor is rated...

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  • Prime Warrior Plate Carrier 2.0 Prime Warrior Plate Carrier 2.0

    Prime Warrior 2.0

    The Prime Warrior 2.0 is compatible with all 8″×10″ and 10″×12″ ceramic, polyethylene and steel body armor.  USA made genuine Cordura® 500D nylon construction; Multi-size adjustable S-XXL; Colors:...

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    Hesco D220 POLYURETHANE COATED Set 10x12 Hesco D220 POLYURETHANE COATED Set 10x12

    Hesco D220 POLYURETHANE COATED Set 10x12 Swimmers Cut

    HESCO 200 Series Plates BI D220HESCO 200 Series Armor Level Rifle DEA Specification Special Threat Stand Alone Plate The HESCO D220 and the 200 Series plates are designed to be worn where concealability is an asset, featuring models that offer both low...

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  • FAST Ballistic Helmet (Level IIIA)

    FAST Ballistic Helmet (Level IIIA) OD Green

    Legacy Safety & Security FAST ballistic helmet is a high performance, multi-layer, light weight combat helmet. Tested and proven to achieve a ranking of Level IIIA by the USA National Institute of Justice (NIJ STD 0106.01 ) by defeating .357 sig full...

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  • Hesco 4800 Level IV Plate Set – SAPI Cut

    Hesco 4800 Level IV Plate Set – SAPI Cut

      THE FOLLOWING IS WHAT THESE PLATES ARE ABLE TO STOP Consult the Threat Matrix on the Technical Specifications sheet for specifics.The 4800 protects against the following:7.62x63mm-JSP: 2780 ft/s7.62x63mm-AP M2: 2900 ft/s7.62x54R-LPS: 2850 ft/s7...

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    PGD-DELTA-IIIA Soft Armor

    What is the advantage of this bulletproof vest? It is very slim. It keeps the weight down. It weighs only 1,7-1,8 kg./ 3.7-4 lbs for a medium size. It is flexible so you retain the freedom of movement to perform at your best. It follows the...

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  • Hesco 4400 Level IV Stand Alone Plate - SAPI Cut

    Hesco 4400 Level IV - Medium Sapi Cut Set

    The HESCO 4400 standalone Level IV plate provides proven protection with reasonable weight and thickness at a lower price point. These are the multi curve plates, not the single curve plates found elsewhere. Wrapped in a water...

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  • Hesco 3810 Level III+

    Hesco 3810 Level III+ Set

    The 3810 is finished with a highly-durable Cordura wrap and waterproof coating, delivering unsurpassed quality in feel and performance. The comfort fitting multi-curve SAPI cut combined with next-gen materials makes this plate perfect for fast-moving,...

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  • SL1T Placard SL1T Placard

    SL1T Shingle

    The SL1T is an inhouse design and collaboration between The Arms Depot & theslowsco. Designed to be used with low-profile slickster carriers. The SL1T includes 3 AR slots along with a detachble velcro tourniquet holder. If your carrier has velcro on...

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  • Hesco L210 Special Threat Plates

    Hesco L210 Set

    L210 Shooter Cut Large 10"x12" 0.59 Inches Thick 5.5LBS per plate Armor will not be sold or shipped to Connecticut  The price is for a set, so you will recieve two plates BI L210 Low visibility light AP protection with a focus on value 5.5 lb/2.5kg...

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    Cobra Buckle closure with built-in D-Ring attachment point. Two rows of MOLLE for modularity. Stiffened for mounting holsters, etc without causing belt to sag or twist. Compatible inner pants belt (sold separately) made from 1-1/2" webbing with hook and...

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    Veritas Lite™ Plate Carrier Veritas Lite™ Plate Carrier

    Veritas™ Plate Carrier

    Veritas is Latin for Truth, and God is the ultimate Truth and armor in the fight against evil. Our modular Veritas Lite™ plate carrier pays homage to His protection as physical armor against those who would do you harm. If you want a plate carrier...

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