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Distribution - Vendors See Here!

We are a major distributor for:

  • EOTech - Retail Distribution, Military and LEO Accounts
  • Hesco Body Armor solutions – Retail Distribution, Military and LEO Accounts
  • SB tactical – Retail Distribution
  • Windham weaponry- Retail Distribution, LEO Accounts            

With more than 50 Vendors already in our net work and more being inducted all the time, we are working diligently to make sure each account gets the attention they need! 

In essence: We are a Florida based company with our services offered to different clients, Government, LEO, and Retail Locations across the nation and internationally! Our mission statement is to provide quality service and build better relationships with our clients. No matter the location, large operation or smaller, we will always do our best to give you stellar service.  

We are directly tied into the above listed manufactures. In other words, instead of going through 2-3 vendors before finally reaching the end product that would be your shelves (as is often the case with many providers), we directly report to the manufacturer. What that means for you is a better margin for your store, and a better inventory to choose from since we have access to the direct manufacturer catalogues and know when items will come into inventory before most others. If you would like to see a price list, please send a request via email to, or fill out the contact request below and we would be happy to do so!